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Microneedling involves the penetration of very small needles into the skin allowing a serum to be trans-dermally absorbed, resulting in a wealth of benefits including:

- a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

- stimulation of collagen production 

- acne scarring is reduced 

- skin is tightened whilst pores are unblocked and cleansed

Microneedling Clinicare Facial Treatment £60

Following your skin consultation, your skin will be double cleansed followed by Clinicare's Instant Painless Peel - this is designed to remove any impurities and dead skin cells before the microneedling takes place. A Clinicare mesotherapy solution will be carefully selected to address your skin concerns. A sheet mask (complimenting the chosen mesotherapy serum) will be applied; whilst this is working its magic you can unwind whilst your scalp is gently massaged to give a truly relaxing experience. The finishing products will be applied including an EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) skin booster, SPF and lip treatment. 

Microneedling: About Us
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